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  • Shenyang China Industrial Pollution:
    • I warned 100's about Shenyang China Industrial Pollution. 5/10/2019
    • Jezebel, "Bring everyone into a moment of calmness." 7/1/2019
    • Voice mail received Thursday Sept 19 2019 5.19 pm
      • At the same time of this voice mail, a group of Chinese men stood directly in front me at Starbucks, Bell School Rd, Rockford, IL.
    • Prayer Wish - 1/21/2022
      • "Tell me it's over."
        • "It's been removed. It's clear." 1/23/2022
  • Rock Landing - Avril Lavigne
  • Portfolio website for Lzzy Hale
  • "Does Steven know the two girls are watching what he is doing?" 12/19/2021
    • Sk8er Boi and Apocalyptic
    • "What's Steven going to think about that?" 12/30/2021
      • The sun casts across the entire skyline. 1/8/2022
  • The Rock of Water
  • Smartphone and iPhone Users 2022
    • The phone coupon
    • The circus puppet
    • Call me honey phone
    • Phone video recording people and law enforcement
    • Phone text message stalking
    • The next text
  • Screen Resolution and Display Pixel Width
  • What is the numeric programming model for iPhone encryption?
    • "It's HEX 24."
Father, "Tell me something they do not know?" SJN - 5/2010
  • "An unknown planet detonated and destroyed Mars and partially destroyed the Earth (Dinosaurs)." - 5/2010
    • Beautiful Mars
Hey Superstar!
  • "Women are givers of new life their children." (© Steven D. Jensen)
Mon 3/10/2008 9:00 am - Buddhism:
  • Intention
  • Action
  • Ethical Conduct
  • Wisdom to make the right decision
Fri 5/9/2008 1 pm (Wauconda, IL) - Hindu:
  • A Hindu man, "You are a #8" - The Winner Takes It All
    • Waiting outside for me was an elder Hindu man. "Yes, you are."
Davenport IA
  • Ben Mangan Davenport IA owes Steven D. Jensen payroll $5000 and I filed small claims this year 2021 and approached me at Great Oaks Apartments, Rockford, IL and did not pay me.
Right to Bear Arms
  • "Jail is not an option."
Emission-Safe Freight Truck:
  • This is life-changing. 5/2019
  • FACT SHEET: President Biden Sets 2030 Greenhouse Gas Pollution Reduction Target Aimed at Creating Good-Paying Union Jobs and Securing U.S. Leadership on Clean Energy Technologies
  • Article
  • President Biden, start with implementing liquid natural gas at local gas stations for motor vehicles. This is working with emission safe fright trucks using liquid natural gas included in my book.
  • New York, NY vehicles running liquid natural gas the pollution will noticeably decrease with clean fresh air to breath.
    • Existing automobile services stay intact.
Electric Truck:

Meijer department store spotlight The parking lot spotlight photograph is at Meijer department store Machesney Park, IL. The spotlight kilowatt-hour nightly usage cost compare to Ford's Lighting electric truck kilowatt-hour nightly recharge cost. Recharge cost (kilowatt-hour) will be added for electric truck rental costs.

Motor vehicle manufacturers are now reviewing liquid natural gas.

The Father 8/2009, "How many times have I told you, do not talk to them. And you all talked to them."
  • Fire Chief in Libertyville 8/4/2009. He said "You're still going." I said "Yes, I'm still going. What I just learned, I do not have words for today." The above statement. I remember telling him "You are a witness meeting me today."
How She Looks is Memorizing:
  • "Her Name is Jezebel" (© Steven D. Jensen)
    • 2010 - I asked her, what do I write about you?
      • I Remember Her Laughing with Stop Light Turned Green by Police in Appleton
The Winner Takes It All:
  • The Winner Takes It All, Yes we did, in a different way. "The Rock of Water"
  • "Have you felt heaven open?" "I just felt heaven open." SJN 3/2008
  • The Father's words 3/2012, "They are going out."
  • "Yes, they did go out!" SJN - 5/2012
  • "It's all yours now (heaven). I'll see you soon." SJN - 5/2012
Watch the News:
  • "I could have never changed their actions Father. They would have still found a reason to do so." SJN - 6-25-2016
    • Respectfully the Father said, "A Martyr is defending yourself to prevent a significant number of deaths." 10-12-2016
Shenyang China Industrial Pollution:
  • I warned 100's about Shenyang China Industrial Pollution. 5/10/2019
  • Jezebel, "Bring everyone into a moment of calmness." 7/1/2019
iPhone User and Admin/Application Records (+ including) - It's a Secret:
  • "Do not use women as a tool of ('aerotiocy'?)." July 23 2017 4.02 am
    • "Call Me Honey Phone User and Call Me Honey Phone Provider" - 7/25/2017
    • "Call Me Honey Phone Custom Built Encryption Software" - 8/9/2017
  • This is (was) Avoidable
National Satellite Video Coverage:
  • This is possible. This change would be unmatched finding missing children. And a lot more too.
She's the Most Beautiful:
  • The Father, "She couldn't handle it. She wanted you next to her."
  • Jezebel said, "No, I am not leaving you. I am still with you." I said to her, "I love you." - Christmas Day 2016
  • She said, "Are we going to be more than friend's now?" My answer, "We always were." 5/1/2017
She came at me hard that morning (11/30/2017), and I answered her:
  • We cannot let one back in and will be better. It will not be better. My answer is no.

God (The Father) and universe is a simultaneous event. There is not one before the other.

Time to Step Forward:
  • The Father's words, "Time to step forward as the world's people." 12/2016
    • The Father asked 5/2018, "Will they listen?"
    • My answer, "I think they will."
"For Thou is my Lord (Jesus Christ). I asked for your forgiveness and was given to me." The first words given to me before "Jesus Christ's Passing." - 3/2008

"This is a Pinnacle Time." - 6/2017

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